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Lenovo Delivers Artificial Intelligence at the Edge to Drive Business Transformation:

Lenovo and Etisalat are working to build a new 5G Edge-in-a-box solution which will enable the rapid roll out of 5G connectivity for a wide range of edge-of-network deployment scenarios. The 5G Edge-in-a-box solution is expected to be a game-changing solution for telecoms companies, enabling them to quickly deploy 5G communications to support demand for new use cases such as Smart Cities, IoT and Industry 4.0, temporary events and outdoor locations, public and private safety networks and more.

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Hybrid Classroom Solutions

Two school districts in NA discuss the importance of learning, collaboration, and connection in education. With a focus on hybrid, virtual options, implementing new technology to keep students and teachers on track helped these IT administrators keep their schools up and running during the pandemic.

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Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University [Japanese with English Subtitles]

How the Nuclear Physics Research Center of Osaka University utilizes a Lenovo HPC platform to perform cutting-edge physics research.

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Aruba.IT Racing

Aruba.IT Racing - Ducati rides high with Lenovo: a look at how the Thinksytem SE350 enables ultra-fast analytics in superbike racing .

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Smarter enables seamless Remote Learning Experiences - Roma Tre University

Lenovo and Microsoft help keep students and staff connected during COVID. The new solutions enable staff to stream lessons seamlessly, engage with students virtually, and deliver high-quality learning experiences from the very start of the new academic year.

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