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Vestas harnesses the power of the wind with big data analytics running on Lenovo

Renewable energy giant Vestas uses a Lenovo HPC supercomputer cluster to support game-changing big data analytics. The company can analyze streaming data from over 64,000 turbines around the world – delivering actionable insight, improving efficiencies, reducing carbon footprint.

SAS -- Answering big questions with powerful big data analytics

To help its customers turn reams of big data into valuable insight, SAS relies on a rock-solid infrastructure that includes Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to support its operational systems, and cutting-edge research and development environments.

Mark III Systems -- Bringing Artificial Intelligence to mainstream manufacturing

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is here, and it has the power to transform everything from daily life to the production line. With support from the Lenovo AI Innovation Center and access to ThinkSystem servers, Mark III Systems is leading the way, helping its clients to harness the power of AI to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Barcelona Supercomputing Center -- Pushing the boundaries of human knowledge

Climate change. Energy security. Fighting disease. Air quality. To help scientists turn mountains of data into accurate models of our complex world, BSC has powered up a Lenovo supercomputer with Intel processors capable of performing trillions of computations per second.

North Carolina State University analyzes effects of climate change with Artificial Intelligence

The North Carolina State University Geospatial Analytics Research team is leveraging innovative Geospatial Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence technologies to preemptively identify agricultural areas and crops that will be affected by flooding or droughts.  This valuable insight can help optimize crop harvests and freshwater consumption, and minimize disruption to food production worldwide in the face of fluctuating environmental changes. 

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